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Anti Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad

Good hair always adds extra beauty and confidence to the human facial features. In today’s stressful life, Hair fall is the most common problem for both men and women. Cosmetic360’s Best Hair Treatment services will help you to treat all your hair fall problems with advanced haircare technologies.

Cosmetic360 is the best Anti-Hair Fall treatment provider in Hyderabad. Our skilled and experienced surgeon will treat all your hair problems in fewer consultations and with results-based. With our latest and effective techniques of hair treatment services, we bring out the positive results along with high customer satisfaction.

What Is Hair Loss (Alopecia)?

Hair loss or Alopecia refers to the loss of hair from the head and other parts of the body. The minimum amount of hair loss is common for both men and women. If the hair loss was severe, then there is a definite need for anti-hair fall treatment. The main reason behind the hair fall is stress, hormonal changes, some medication side effects, etc.

Hair Loss in Men:

There are several main causes of men’s hair loss. They are stress, age, genetics, and hormones etc. Here is a list of some of those reasons

  • Male baldness generally occurs in the middle age in which changes in hormone levels were high.
  • Hair loss in men may lead to psychological stress, and they may seek a variety of treatments.
  • Certain hair loss factors include defects in diet, diseases, and some mental disorders.
  • Medication, laser and light therapy, and skin transplantation are included in the procedures.

Take control of your hair’s health with Cosmetic360 hair care packages.

Hair Loss in Women:

There are countless reasons for hair loss in women. The offenders can be anything from medical conditions to hormonal pressure changes. Depending on the cause, hair loss can occur in various ways. You can note a sudden loss of hair or overtime a progressive thinning.

Thinning Gradually. The most common type of hair loss is progressive thinning on the top of the head. Although women usually find that some hair part widens.
Scalp Visibility( bald areas). These may be patchy or circular. These may look like the size of coins and usually appear on the scalp. The skin might even feel itchy or uncomfortable right before the hair falls out.
Handful Hair Loss. Especially after emotional or physical stress, you can experience very sudden hair loss. When you wash or brush it, the hair can fall out easily, leading to thinning overall.
Full Loss. You might experience hair loss suddenly and all over your body in some medical situations, particularly with medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Take control of your hair’s health with Cosmetic360’s hair care packages

When to Choose Anti Hair Fall Treatment?

  • Got tired with all other failed treatments
  • Whenever you feel it became a hurdle for you life.
  • Worrying about early baldness
  • When you feel stressful with hair loss
  • When the hair loss increases day by day.

Why Choose Cosmetic360 for Anti Hair Fall Treatment?

  • The high safety treatment procedure
  • 18+ years of experience in the cosmetic field
  • Trained and experienced team
  • Advanced hair treatment techniques
  • Latest equipment tools
  • High success rate
  • Affordable prices

Best Hair Fall Treatment Procedures:

The kind of procedure depends on the amount of hair loss. Following are some of the best hair fall treatment procedures available at Cosmetic360:

1. Hair transplantation: Hair transplant is done in the scalp area where hair growth is needed. The area is transplanted with the healthy skin of scalp having good hair.
2. Scalp reduction: The completely inactive and bald scalp is removed by surgery, and a healthy scalp of the hair is inserted to bridge the gap and minimize balding.

3. Intensive Hair Root Therapy: Dermatologists target the hair roots using micro injections that contain a mixture of nutrients, natural plant extracts, and vitamins. This renovates hair growth and also prevents further hair fall and thinning.

4. Hair Rejuvenation: Hair Rejuvenation for hair loss is one of the most effective and non-invasive treatments approved by the FDA using the plasma of your skin. This fluid of plasma will stimulate more healthy hair follicles.

5. Hair Nutri-Infusion Therapy: Charged ions will provide a mixture of nutrients through the scalp. A drink is imbued by dermatologists with vital nutrients to prevent hair falling.

6. Laser Treatment: This laser treatment available at Cosmetic360 is a safe form of light/heat treatment that increases blood flow in the scalp and encourages the metabolism of hair follicles.

7. Scalp expansion: For about a month, it involves inserting tools under the scalp. These will help to stretch the skin. This can be performed to reduce balding hairy areas.

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Cosmetic360 – Anti Hair Fall Treatment FAQs:

Which vitamin is required to stop hair fall?

B-vitamins improve new erythrocytes (red blood cells), which contains oxygen and nutrients, which helps to improve the healthy hair follicles. Compared to all other vitamins, Biotin is one of the best vitamin B for hair growth.

Which food will help to reduce the fair fall?

Highly enriched nutrients food like Milk, yogurt, eggs are rich in calcium, proteins, and vitamins, and zinc. The protein intake increment will gradually reduce the hair fall.

How to contact Cosmetic360 for my hair fall treatment in Hyderabad and Secunderabad?

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