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Best Tattoo Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

It’s fashionable to get a tattoo, but sometimes people feel like removing the tattoo once they are done with it. If you also feel that you among one of them then opt for Tattoo removal treatment in Hyderabad, you can visit Cosmetic360 to remove your unwanted tattoo through the Cosmetic360’s best Tattoo removal Treatment services in Hyderabad.

About Cosmetic360: Best Tattoo Removal Center in Hyderabad

Cosmetic360 is one of the leading, skin and hair care centres in Hyderabad and Secunderabad will help you to treat all your tattoo removal problems with advanced treatment-care technologies. Cosmetic360 is the best Tattoo Removal treatment provider in Hyderabad.

Our skilled and experienced surgeon will treat all your skin and hair problems in fewer consultations and with results-based. With our latest and effective techniques of tattoo removal treatment services, we bring out the positive results along with high-end customer satisfaction.

Cosmetic360 has specialized treatment services for tattoo removal for the body parts like neck, colour bone, shoulder, hands, forearms, wrist, chest, stomach, Lumbus or Loin, legs etc. The number of sections required for the tattoo removal process depends on the size and colours used in the tattoo. Generally, the complete tattoo removal needs 4-6 consultations.

Cosmetic360 also available with services like Body Transformation, Fat Freeze Lipolysis, Skin Colour Improvement, Q-switch Laser, Hair Regrowth, Hair Transplantation, Root Canal Treatments, Implant-supported bridges includes premium services like “DO IT” – Slimming Challenge, Minor Surgical Procedures, Anti Wrinkle Botox etc.

Tattoo Removal Treatment in Hyderabad:

Once you are inked, it’s hard to remove that tattoo. There is an irregular colour for different reasons with tattoo inks of different colours on your body. It means a different depth of each colour on the body. If you’ve got a black or blue tattoo, your body has a lower entrance. The green and yellow tattoos are hard removed because of the colours.

You will need separate sessions for the treatment you go with laser tattoo removal in Hyderabad, dermabrasion and excision. This is because the ink on the skin is touched and removed with each session. Many people try to use “home remedies” to burn the body. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also targeted at scar and infection. Do not use informal techniques or home remedies to try to remove them.

Get in touch with for more information and discussion about the tattoo removal treatment options you should opt for. At Cosmetic360 the doctors will recommend you about the consultations required and expected results.

Ways to Remove a Tattoo?

There are mainly two ways to remove the tattoo.

  1. Temporary tattoo removal
  2. Permanent tattoo removal
      a. Laser treatment
      b. Surgical treatment
      c. Dermabrasion

Temporary Tattoo Removal

Temporary tattoo removal is one of the best to ink the tattoo for the people who want to experience it. Temporary tattoo stays upto 2-3 weeks. If you want to remove it as sooner, then scrub the area by using the scrub, oil-based remover, some chemical removers like hydrogen peroxide, nail remover etc. Whatever it may be the tattoo, you better need doctor consultation.

Permanent Tattoo Removal

Make an appointment with a dermatologist and then decide the treatment options available for your specific tattoo. Depending on the size and colours of the tattoo, the doctor will prefer the surgery options. Here are some of them

Laser Surgery: In this, a strong light beam pulse is applied to the tattoo to heat them and shatter their tattoo ink. The different colour needs different laser light with different wavelengths.

Surgical Procedure: In this process, the anaesthetic tattoo skin removed with a scalpel and the edges of the skin will stitch back together. Sometimes it leaves a scar because of the stitches.

Dermabrasion: In this process, the numbed tattooed skin is sanded down to a deeper level of the skin with high-speed rotary devices which leashes out the tattooed skin. This process needs more recovery time compared with all other treatments.

Advantages of Tattoo Removal Treatment:

Tattoo removal has several significant benefits, most of which include the non-surgical aspect of this procedure. The benefits of tattoo removal include:

  • No scarring – Laser light is designed to keep the healthy cells of the skin safe. This ensures that the scarring potential is small, contrasting with removal methods focused on skin “sanding.”
  • Effective fading and removal of tattoos – Laser removal can easily decrease the presence of tattoos without the lasting effects that may make other removal methods unnecessary.
  • Minimal recovery – After having laser tattoo removal treatment, you need to protect your skin from UV radiation for several days. A small amount of redness and tenderness can linger, but within a few days of treatment, these symptoms will recede.
  • Removing specific or entire tattoos – Laser tattoo removal treatment can erase individual tattoos or clean your body parts from tattoos.
  • Safety – Laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways of removing tattoos. The risk of infection is low, after receiving treatment, no adverse side effects occur, and satisfaction continues to remain high during the treatment process.

Want to know more information on what exactly is Safe tattoo removal?
Get a Free Consultation at Cosmetic360, Best Skin care Center in Hyderabad

Why Choose Cosmetic360 to Remove tattoos In Hyderabad?

  • Tattoo removal treatments with the impeccable results
  • Highly trained team
  • Affordable prices
  • Latest equipment tools
  • Fewer consultations
  • Advanced radical treatment techniques

Tattoo Removal Treatment Procedure:

It’s a quick and easy step by step tattoo removal procedure. A team of professional, qualified doctors and nurses involved in the tattoo removal procedure:

  • Experienced doctors will communicate with you to determine whether you are eligible and would benefit from this procedure and how many sessions you will need to complete removal.
  • To minimize any pain, the doctor will use a numbing cream 20-30 minutes before the procedure.
  • During the procedure, the doctor will use the laser beams; the laser light signals are targeted to the tattoo, breaking up the tattoo pigment. It will take about an hour to complete this treatment procedure.
  • You may feel redness over the treated site after the treatment, which may last a couple of hours. Most of the time, there is no pain, and almost instantly, most patients will return to work.
  • The macrophages of the body will extract the treated pigmented areas over the next several weeks.

Get Advice from our experts about Tattoo Removal Treatment in Hyderabad.

Tattoo Removal Cost

Get Efficient Safe Laser Tattoo removal from expert professionals at Affordable Cost.

The Tattoo Removal Cost depends on Tattoo area on the body, the size of the existing tattoo, number of sessions required, cost per each session and chosen skin care packages etc.

Please note that No Hidden charges to remove your existing tattoo at Cosmetic360 Skin and Hair care center. Call us 9642080000 / 8886167272 to know the Tattoo Removal Treatment Cost in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Do‘s Before Tattoo Removal

  • Apply sun protection cream to the area being treated even under clothes for 4 weeks.
  • Moisturize the treated area twice a day for at least a week
  • Shave the area the day before your appointment.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a meal before your appointment.


  • Expose the area to be treated to the excessive sun for at least 4 weeks
  • Come to your appointment with unhealthy skin. The treated area cannot have any cuts, scratches or cracks; it must be fully intact and healthy.
  • Shave the area the same day as a treatment or the treatment may feel more sensitive as the pores are open.
  • Go for consultation with an empty stomach and dehydrated. We want you as comfortable as possible during your treatment, fully nourished body will handle the procedure much more comfortable than if you are hungry and thirsty.

Do’s after Tattoo Removal Treatment:

  • Apply ice and elevate the treated area at nights
  • To avoid infection, clean the treated area with antibacterial soap and warm water 3 times a day for 2 weeks. please cover the treated area securely from dirt and infection until it gets healed
  • Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor on the treated area, and cover with a non-stick pad until the treated area is healed
  • Drink a lot of water a day, every day to help flush out the fragmented ink.
  • Apply sun protection creams twice a day after the area is completely healed and until your next appointment.
  • Apply cold compresses, hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl if the area becomes itchy.
  • Allow blisters to heal on their own. If you do have blisters, continue to cover them with a non-stick pad until they are gone.
  • Try to gently massage the area 5-10 minutes a day to regulate the circulation in the treated area, take walks or any activity that gets your blood pumping. Increasing your circulation


  • Avoid popping blisters which increase the risk of infection and possible scarring.
  • Avoid scratch or itch the area until it is completely healed.
  • Avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks after treatment, or you are at risk for obtaining hypo- or hyper-pigmentation spots.
  • Avoid drinking an excessive amount of carbonated drinks, alcohol or smoke while healing.
  • Avoid applying a thick layer of Aquaphor on the treated area, or you run the risk of creating an infection, suffocating the skin and scarring.
  • Avoid putting the treated area under heavy spraying water. Always treat the treated area kindly and gently until it is healed.
  • Avoid participating in physical activities that cause sweating, increased heart rate or increase body temperature for 24 post-treatment.

Cosmetic360-Tattoo Removal Treatment FAQs:

How long does tattoo removal take to heal?

The healing process for tattoo removal treatment takes place within the first 72 hours, but after your first treatment it can take up to one to two weeks to heal completely and then take less time with each session.

Is it possible to remove the tattoo permanently?

Though the tattoos were once considered permanent, now they can be removed completely or partially with treatments. Non-invasive removal of tattoo pigments using Q-switched lasers is the “standard modality of permanent tattoo removal.”

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Laser treatment will usually remove unwanted tattoos altogether, although it will take several treatments and you will, unfortunately, experience some bearable pain and can’t be avoided.

How many consultations required for the complete tattoo removal treatment?

Generally, most of the patients need 6 to 8 sessions for the complete removal of tattoos. The consultation required for treatment depends on the type of skin, the colours used and tattoo size.

What are the other treatments that offered by Cosmetic360?
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  • Skin Microbiome
  • Fat Freeze Lipolysis
  • Skin Colour Improvement
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation
  • Q-switch Laser
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  • Root Canal Treatments
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How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal laser beam produces pulses of light energy. Each pulse of energy penetrates the skin and absorbed by the tattoo ink. Now, these ink particles get heated up with this light energy and then shatter into little fragments.

Why Tattoo Removal process difficult?

There are several reasons for the tattoo removal process:

  • Skin tone of the people
  • The stronger density of colours used in the tattoo-like( Green, Black, Brown)
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Type and age of the tattoo
  • Professionality in making tattoo
What are things you should know before going to Tattoo Removal treatment?
  • Reasons to Remove a Tattoo
  • Size and Location
  • Emotional Decision
  • Unexpected Outcome
  • The lasers are strong.
  • One or more consultations required which depends on the type of treatment
  • Gives bearable pain.
  • Your tattoo’s age and colour matters.
  • Nature of the skin also makes a difference.
  • Most tattoos can be removed entirely.
How to contact Cosmetic360 for my tattoo removal treatment in Hyderabad and Secunderabad?

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