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By now many of us might be wondering to know the difference between normal facials and med spa. We are all more used to the habit of going to a salon once or twice in a week for facial purposes. but not many of us know about the type of ingredients they use or how safe those facials are to our skin. Hence in order to fill this latent gap and to offer a more safer facial treatments method to the end customers,medspa rejuvenation have come into existence. Unlike salon facials, these methods are performed under the strict supervision of an approved doctors and the ingredients used in this are also based on vitamins, antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids. This will not only offer you instant brightening effect but also help protect your skin from signs of early aging in the long run without any side effects.

Depending on your aesthetic goal, what your skin needs we do the right facial assessment is suggested for you. Thereafter the creams for skin treatment are chosen.

We have an array of different types of spa depending on the creams and the devices used.

A spa may take anywhere between 45 mins to an hour and 15 mins.

Some include relaxing for the neck and back massages as well.

This is a reflex procedure of exfoliating skin. It is used to produce extra-smooth skin similarly the way a carpenter ceases a piece of fine furniture. This method eliminates the dead layer of the skin and allows cells to recover its lost touch, gentleness, and brightness. It also excites production of collagen and eases the results