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This shatters and takes care of any intense colour like black or deep brown in pigment on the skin , hair or colors in a tattoo or birth mark, depending on the wave length it penetrates to different depth of the skin,we use FDA approved technologies

Q switched laser treatment is a highly advanced non-invasive cosmetic treatment method Used to eliminate the dark brown spots, sun freckles, birthmarks, tattoosetc. on the skin On a permanent basis.

There are a few good strong points to talk about “Q switch laser treatment” when compared to other treatment methods, they are

  • It works appropriately for only those people who have isolated dark brown spots on a very few areas on the body
  • Unlike liquid nitrogen treatment, Q switch laser treatment works perfectly well, as it will not leave any white marks in the place of brown spots which can be seen in liquid nitrogen treatment.
  • The laser used in this treatment can go into the deeper layer of skin to eliminate brown spots which can’t be possible with other medicines or creams.

Other benefits are this, not only helps tighten the sagging skin on the face, but also helps in drastically improving facial appearance by removing the wrinkles and fine lines on the face without causing any side effects.